Crock Pot Chicken and Rice Recipes

rice recipes crock pot

Make a delicious dinner for your family using this easy crockpot cheesy chicken and rice recipe, perfect for slow cooker use! Not only is this comforting, healthy and versatile but can even be served alongside other vegetables or proteins for an amazing dining experience!

This dish is packed with protein, calcium and vitamin A and low in both fat and calories.


Crock pots are perfect for making rice, as they require minimal effort from you and allow the food to cook on its own overnight – perfect if you have busy days! Many simple rice recipes feature meat, veggies and grains all combined into a deliciously nutritious dish! Plus they make your kitchen smell fantastic too!

Make dinner simple yet flavorful with this crock pot black beans and rice recipe! Simply combine black beans, salsa and uncooked rice in your crockpot before setting to simmer – creating a tasty side dish you can enjoy with chips or burrito filling! For added spice add cayenne pepper for additional flair.

Make this delicious chicken and rice casserole easily during the week in your crock pot! With its cheesy goodness and creaminess, this comforting meal will satisfy everyone in your household. Serve alongside some roasted green beans or broccoli to give yourself an extra veggie boost and relax after a long day at work with this comforting meal from your slow cooker!

This crock pot lemon rice and chicken recipe is easy to make and sure to satisfy. Made with nutritious brown rice and chicken breast, it makes an ideal option for busy nights! Plus its zesty lemony taste will please picky eaters while its cheese-laden rice will appeal to older kids!

Trying to find a healthier version of classic beef and rice? This crock pot recipe may be your answer! Featuring vegetables as well as brown rice for maximum substance and satisfaction. Perfect for feeding the entire family with room for salad or baked potatoes on the side!

This easy, delicious slow cooker chicken and rice dish offers a flavorful take on traditional favorites. Perfect for busy families, this hearty side dish offers fiber and protein rich goodness as an alternative to fried rice dishes – serving it either alone as an accompaniment for fish and poultry, or pair it together for a main course meal!


There are various methods of cooking rice; some people like to boil it on the stove while others use a rice cooker or slow cooker. A crock pot can also be an excellent way to prepare this grain-rich food source, providing even cooking and helping remove extra starch while simultaneously adding moisture or broth for an ideal outcome. When using one, remember to add liquid at first to avoid cloudiness in the water that prevents proper drainage; adding too little may stop proper development of grains in many recipes. When using slow cookers it’s also essential that water or broth be added first for best results and even cooking results when added at start if water becomes cloudy it could prevent proper development of grains compared with cooking them manually in batches when slow cooking rice cookers used similarly when used by their owners; this allows time-tested results when setting and forgetting for later!

Crock pots can be an ideal tool for crafting various rice dishes, both white and brown varieties. Brown rice boasts more crunchy textures that make it suitable for adding into casseroles or hearty meals; white varieties work just as well and pair perfectly with meats, vegetables or other grains; while also pairing nicely with soups and stews.

Cheesy Chicken and Rice is one of the best crock pot rice recipes, making for an easy preparation process in just hours. Simply combine chicken breasts, white rice, cream cheese and shredded cheese; finish it off with either sour cream or guacamole to complete this tasty treat!

Mexican Rice is another popular crockpot dish. You can quickly create it in just a few hours using chicken broth, diced tomatoes, garlic cloves, onions, bell peppers, cumin powder and chili powder – an easy recipe that serves many guests at once! For maximum enjoyment add various toppings for maximum presentation!

Crock pots can also be used to cook other delicious dishes, including mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, which make perfect holiday meal side dishes when stored for up to four days in the fridge before reheating in either microwave or stovetop for easy rewarming. They’re even useful for making creamy polenta!


Utilizing your slow cooker to prepare healthy meals can be a great way of creating nutritious dishes. Not only is the process much quicker than using pots and pans, but leftovers from slow cooking taste just as great when heated back up in the microwave! Plus, all that delicious flavor stays put!

This delicious crockpot chicken and rice recipe is quick, simple and perfect for all the family. Made with brown rice, chicken breasts and lemon juice – not forgetting peas and carrots to increase nutrition – this meal can even be served gluten-free and kid-friendly! Also note that different slow cookers heat differently, so be aware when adjusting cooking times and temperatures accordingly.

For a heartier meal, use shredded chicken instead of chicken breasts. Sliced mushrooms or bell peppers add additional flavor, while for extra cheeseiness add some shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese 15 minutes before the dish has finished cooking.

Brown rice is often considered more nutritious than white, as it contains more fiber and is less processed. Unfortunately, though, brown requires longer to cook than its white counterpart and requires more water for optimal results. You can make brown in your slow cooker using 2 cups of water for 1 cup of dry grains; use high quality brown for this recipe if possible and avoid flavored mixes which often include gluten-containing ingredients like barley, couscous, freekeh or bulgur as these will lead to uneven results.

Your crock pot isn’t only limited to making rice; you can also use it to prepare meats and vegetables, perfect for busy families. The slow-cooking method ensures that food will be tender when served!


If you are searching for tasty crock pot recipes, look no further than this chicken and rice dish. Easy to prepare and perfect for busy families alike, this meal provides essential nutrition with its abundance of proteins and amino acids – not forgetting its easy freezer friendly storage capabilities. Plus you can even add veggies for additional nutrition!

Make this dish easily by combining chicken, brown rice, soup and water in the crockpot for 6-8 hours on low setting before topping with shredded cheese for serving. Perfect for when you don’t feel like cooking but need something hearty and filling.

Add fresh green peppers, mushrooms and red onions for an exciting taste sensation in this easy crock pot chicken and rice meal! Additionally, roast garlic can add an earthier note. This makes an excellent vegetarian-friendly option!

This recipe is easy and can be prepared using any type of rice. Rinsing it thoroughly before placing in the slow cooker will remove excess starch and promote even cooking of all grains.

You can use either white or brown rice in this recipe, but long grain rice would provide the most delicate texture and tasty taste.

This delicious crockpot recipe can be served alongside breadsticks or garlic bread for an easy meal that can easily be stored in an airtight container, frozen, and reheated using either microwaves or stovetops.

Crock pot chicken and rice makes a delicious dinner option for busy families. While the rice simmers slowly, lemon-seasoned chicken awaits their turn at being added into the dish when everyone returns home from work. Enjoy dinner when it arrives!