Healthy Rice Recipes – How to Get More Protein and Vegetables Into Your Diet

rice recipes diet

Rice is an international staple and serves as an efficient, economical, and accessible energy source. Available in both long-grained white and brown varieties, rice provides affordable energy sources that don’t put strain on resources or budgets.

Both forms of grains contain many essential vitamins and minerals, but it’s essential to select the appropriate one. Whole grains like brown rice offer less calories and more fiber compared to their white counterpart.

1. Fried rice

Rice recipes can be an easy and nutritious way to increase protein and vegetable consumption in your diet, while providing complex carbs to keep you feeling fuller for longer. But it is important to choose wisely when selecting rice recipes, particularly fried options which contain higher amounts of calories and sodium than their healthy counterparts.

There are ways to make fried rice healthier and lower in calories without giving up its delicious flavors. Low-sodium soy sauce, coconut aminos and sesame oil can all add delicious flair while maintaining its nutritional profile.

At first, you’ll need cooked brown or white rice. Cooked brown rice has superior texture compared to its counterpart; furthermore it provides essential whole-grain nutrition which keeps you fuller for longer. Alternatively, frozen pre-cooked varieties from your grocery store’s freezer section could work just as well.

Your fried rice recipe can include various ingredients, including vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, sweet corn and red peppers. Eggs make great additions, while meat such as shredded chicken or ham can add an extra boost of flavor.

Lee Man suggests chopping veggies into bite-size pieces so they are easily eaten with either spoons or chopsticks, and also cooking eggs first to ensure soft omelets which won’t adhere to your rice.

Add the vegetables, and allow them to simmer for several minutes – you could even throw in frozen peas or carrots for added color and crunch!

Once the vegetables are done, scramble some eggs in a separate pan before stirring into your rice dish – this will ensure they don’t stick and add another level of flavor you will absolutely adore!

This easy fried rice recipe makes an amazing healthy meal that’s quick to prepare! Perfect for using up leftover grains. Additionally, this can also be frozen – simply allow it to cool before transferring it into portions that will fit nicely into a freezer bag for later.

2. Chicken fried rice

Chicken Fried Rice is an authentic Chinese classic that’s packed with flavor and easy to prepare at home, perfect for quick weeknight meals that the entire family will love.

This delicious clean eating meal features nutrient dense brown rice, colorful vegetables, low sodium soy sauce and minimal oil for maximum satisfaction! High in protein and packed with healthy fats that’ll help keep you full for hours!

Starting by making sure all of your ingredients are prepared. Dice your vegetables, whisk your eggs, dice your chicken and have everything else needed on the stove so it will be quick and simple!

Heat a skillet or wok over medium-high heat and add 1 tablespoon of butter; once melted, stir in onions and continue cooking until they become tender.

Mix in garlic and carrots for color, fiber and nutrition in your fried rice dish.

Once the onion and carrots have been fully cooked, add in rice, soy sauce, peppercorns, and optional shredded egg for extra protein and flavor.

Another fantastic benefit of this recipe is that it makes excellent leftovers! Reheat for lunch the next day or freeze to use later on!

If your schedule is hectic, make this recipe ahead of time and store it in an airtight container in the fridge – it should last 3-4 days while still tasting delicious!

Make this dish with leftover rice from another meal by heating it thoroughly before mixing in your chicken and other ingredients! Or you could try Jasmine or Long Grain Rice instead; but may need to increase water by slightly.

Add variety to your chicken fried rice meal by including other tasty components, like edamame or soup. Or create something unique by serving it wrapped up in lettuce leaves for extra variety!

3. Garlic and onion rice

Garlic and onion rice is an easy, fast, and delectable side dish that pairs beautifully with many dishes. Plus, its quick preparation makes it convenient.

To create the rice, melt some butter over medium heat in a saucepan, add garlic, onions and spices, then saute for several minutes before setting the dish aside to cool before proceeding with the next steps.

Rinse and drain basmati rice carefully prior to cooking it; this will allow it to cook evenly while also preventing excess starch from clogging its pores.

Before mixing them in with the rice, rinse garlic and onion under cold water to rid themselves of fructans which are water soluble. This step is particularly crucial as fructans present in onions and garlic can wreak havoc with digestion if left in their natural state.

After several minutes of simmering, most of the water will have evaporated, and your rice should be finished cooking. Remove it from the heat and allow it to stand for several minutes before fluffing with a fork to separate each grain.

This easy stovetop rice recipe uses butter, chicken broth and spices for a rich yet satisfying flavor that makes this an easy family-friendly meal – ideal for busy weeknights or relaxed weekend dinners!

Rice can be prepared and stored for later reheating during the week, providing an efficient way to use up leftovers.

Make this dish gluten-free by opting for gluten-free rice and selecting ingredients with low FODMAP levels, while you could even go the extra step and use vegetable broth instead of chicken stock as your stock source.

An easy, low-carb rice dish using butter, garlic, and parsley to create an irresistibly flavorful side dish – perfect for any meal with Spanish influences!

Rice recipes diet followers can enjoy this recipe too as there are no added sugar or preservatives in it. Perfect as an alternative to fried rice dishes and great when served alongside curried dishes or Indian cuisine!

Reheat it in the microwave and serve warm. This meal is also an effective way to use up leftovers – great for families with young children!

4. Eggs fried rice

Fried rice with egg is one of the most beloved staples in Chinese cuisine. A classic one-pan meal, fried rice is ideal for serving alongside grilled meat or fish or added into vegetable side dishes for an enjoyable and filling meal that everyone will love! Also great as an economical way to use up leftovers!

Egg fried rice comes in many variations, but there are three key components that help make this dish so flavorful and delectable – large eggs, salt, and freshly chopped green onions.

These three ingredients create an incomparably delicious and moist fried rice dish. Not only are they adding depth of flavor but they’re also providing texture and keeping everything moist.

Key ingredient of this fried rice dish is toasted sesame oil. With its distinct and deep aroma, this ingredient adds an irresistibly delicious depth of flavor that sets itself apart from regular sesame oil. Plus, its toasty notes bring added depth.

Toasty sesame oil is an integral component of any successful fried rice dish! It helps ensure a soft and creamy texture while still offering ample flavor in every bite.

Cold or well cooled rice is another key component in this dish, since freshly-cooked grains tend to clump together when stir-fried. Therefore, for optimal results use leftover cooked grain that has been kept refrigerated or frozen (but not both!) prior to starting your recipe.

Cook your rice ahead of time so it will have time to cool and not become soggy when making this dish. Doing this also reduces chances of sticking to your pan, which could become messy when making stir-fries.

My preferred type of rice for making this dish is jasmine because its fluffy surface helps hold its shape when frying, however you may use any type of grain you like provided that it has been thoroughly cooled and dried out prior to being used in this recipe!

This recipe can be prepared quickly and effortlessly, making it a fantastic solution when time is of the essence. Serve it alongside main courses such as chicken or beef for a hearty and delicious dinner option!