Jamaican Rice Recipes

rice recipes jamaican

Jamaican rice recipes are a great way to add some island flavor to your next meal. You can make Caribbean rice using just about any ingredients you like. These dishes are easy to prepare, and the flavors are absolutely delicious. The key is to choose your ingredients wisely.

Trini fried rice

Trini fried rice is a popular rice dish from Trinidad and Tobago. The recipe is a mix of Chinese, Jamaican, and Indian culinary styles. It is a great way to utilize leftovers. You can make it using a large pan or a wok.

There are many variations of this fried rice, from authentic to a vegan version. Some of the most important things to remember are to use cold water and a good quality frying oil. If possible, the rice should be refrigerated before cooking.

One of the oldest dishes to use up leftovers is fried rice. This can be made the night before and refrigerated until you are ready to eat. While there are many versions, the one below is a good starting point.

The most obvious ingredient in this dish is the rice. When the rice is cooked, it is time to stir in the other ingredients. A quick flip will help to coat the rice with the flavors.

For the most part, you will want to keep the rice on a low heat and avoid burning it. Be sure to stir occasionally to ensure the grains remain intact.

Besides the trini fried rice, you can also enjoy Caribbean style saltfish fried rice. It uses brown rice, making it a nutritious and easy meal to make. In fact, you can even make a large batch and freeze it.

For a more traditional taste, you can make authentic Caribbean fried rice from leftover rice. Make sure to test the fried rice after it has been in the pot for 5 to 10 minutes. If it is still raw, it may need more sauce. Also, the best rice is firm to the bite, not soft.

Pigeon peas

Pigeon peas in rice recipes are a staple in Caribbean cuisine. They are small oval beans that have a nutty taste. Pigeon peas can be found dried or canned. These legumes are a great source of protein and fiber.

Depending on the recipe, pigeon peas can be cooked with broth or coconut milk. You can also substitute kidney beans. If you prefer to serve this dish vegan, you can add some additional pigeon pea broth or a little extra water.

In some Latin American countries, pigeon peas are served with sofrito, which is a mixture of herbs and spices. If you like your pigeon peas spicy, you can add some Scotch bonnet seeds. However, you should be careful not to break them while stirring.

A common substitution for pigeon peas is black-eyed peas. Regardless of the substitute, you can serve this tasty side dish with a Caribbean seafood salad. Another quick and easy side dish is plantain chips.

You can find pigeon peas and rice in many grocery stores. Some stores sell them frozen or canned. Alternatively, you can make your own. Soaking them overnight will shorten the cooking time.

Pigeon peas are also popular in Asia and Africa. There are many varieties of pigeon peas. Green and brown peas are usually used in pigeon peas in rice recipes. You can also use other types of rice. The flavor of pigeon peas in rice is similar to soft beans.

Dried pigeon peas are available in many stores, including grocery stores and online. Pigeon peas are often sold ground into a flour. When dry, they are a grayish-brown color.

To cook pigeon peas in rice, you should add them to a pot with 2 cups of water. Stir frequently to avoid sticking. Depending on your preference, you can leave them uncovered or cover them. After 25 minutes, stir to make sure they are cooked.

Scotch bonnet pepper

Jamaican rice and peas is a dish that is filled with delicious flavors. The recipe combines kidney beans, garlic, onions, and red pepper flakes with the spicy Scotch bonnet pepper. This one pot dish is healthy and full of fiber. It’s a tasty side dish that can be served with any number of dishes.

To start, you’ll need uncooked jasmine rice. You can add a little coconut milk for a tropical flavor. If you don’t have coconut milk, you can substitute it with dairy milk.

Next, you’ll need a large pot. Add the oil to the pot and heat it over medium heat. Once it’s hot, add the onion. Stir to cook until the onions are wilted.

After the onions are cooked, add the garlic. Mix the ingredients together until it’s well incorporated. Cook for about five minutes.

When the rice has finished cooking, you’ll need to remove it from the heat. Remove the thyme stems, if you have them.

Then, add the drained beans to the pot. Simmer them for about 20 minutes. If you’re using canned beans, make sure they are completely drained.

Finally, add the Scotch bonnet pepper and allspice. Stir to mix the spices. Alternatively, you can mash the pepper.

When you have added all the ingredients to the pot, you can simmer the rice and peas. The sauce will be very hot, but you don’t need to worry about it. Because the scotch bonnet pepper has a lot of heat, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing gloves.

In addition to all the other ingredients, you’ll also need salt. This is traditionally used to enhance the taste of the dish.


Allspice is a spice that is used in many recipes. It is not an exact substitute, but it helps give a boost of flavor to dishes. The flavor is warm and sweet, with a hint of peppery heat. This is a spice that pairs well with rice.

Whole allspice can be ground in a food processor, and is great for infusing liquids. You can also buy ground allspice at your local grocery store. In addition to using it in soups and stews, allspice is a popular ingredient in pickle brine.

Ground allspice is often a part of pumpkin pie spice blends. When ground, allspice can be used in desserts like cookies and cakes. To add extra flavor to any rice dish, mix in some ground allspice. Alternatively, you can try blending allspice with other spices, such as cumin, cloves, or cinnamon.

Allspice has a warm, aromatic flavor, and is often found in sweet, spiced, and savory dishes. It is commonly used in Latin and Caribbean cuisine, as well as Middle Eastern Baharat.

You can purchase whole allspice online, as well as in most stores. This is the same spice that is used in Jamaican jerk seasoning. Typically, jerk seasoning includes allspice, as well as ginger, thyme, and brown sugar.

In the Caribbean, allspice is an important ingredient in many meat and fish stews. As a spice, allspice has antimicrobial properties. Using allspice on a regular basis can help fight colds and other illnesses.

Allspice can also be a component of a drink called Glogg. Allspice is also used in Scandinavian hot red wine drinks.

Allspice is an important spice in a number of jerk recipes, including chicken wings. Allspice can be added to a number of different drinks, such as tea, coffee, and apple cider.

Coconut milk

Jamaican rice and peas is a classic side dish that is easy to make. It’s packed with protein, fiber, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. There are many varieties of this delicious dish.

One of the best aspects of this Caribbean staple is that it’s low in calories and fat. The ingredients include red kidney beans, peas, and rice. These ingredients pair well with a variety of tropical dishes.

If you’re looking to get the most flavor out of your rice, consider making it with coconut milk. Coconut milk gives the dish a nutty, creamy taste.

Another way to add a hint of coconut to your rice is to mix in a scallion. You can use whole scallion or ground scallion in your recipe.

For a more interesting rice recipe, try using other rice varieties. Lite coconut milk works well for this recipe.

Aside from the coconut milk, you will also need some rice. This should be long grain white. Long grain rice is the least expensive type of rice.

When cooking with rice, you should not overcook it. You want to cook it until the grains are opaque. Use a large pot and heat it on medium-high heat. Make sure to stir the rice regularly to prevent burning.

The best part about this dish is that you can make it in a pot or an Instant Pot. Using an Instant Pot makes this a fast and easy recipe. In just 4 minutes, you can have a bowl of healthy, coconut-infused rice.

Unlike many other sides, this isn’t hard to make, and it’s definitely a dish that’s worth trying. With its delicious flavor, it’s a great accompaniment to jerk chicken, a spicy curry, or any other tropical meal.