Rice Recipes From Epicurious

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For a tasty, satisfying dinner, try one of the hundreds of rice recipes from Epicurious. From Chinese rice porridge to Citrus rice salad, you’ll find a great recipe for this versatile grain. If you’re a rice lover, there are even more recipes to choose from, including those that call for wild rice, as an alternative to white rice. To get started, try this simple recipe for citrus rice salad.

Wild rice is a good alternative to white rice

When considering which grains you should replace in your diet, you may be tempted to stick with white rice. While it can be good for you, consuming wild rice instead of this processed grain is better for your overall health. Instead of the carbs and sugar found in white rice, wild rice provides a healthier balance of protein, fiber, and vitamins. Plus, it is gluten free. In addition to being more nutritious, wild rice also reduces insulin resistance and lowers triglyceride levels.

Unlike white grain, wild rice is higher in minerals. It contains twice the amount of zinc, three times the amount of iron, and twice as much potassium. It is also richer in plant-based compounds, which contribute to its antioxidant content. Furthermore, eating rice rich in these nutrients is essential for maintaining bone, soft tissue, and nervous system health. It may even help prevent the onset of sarcopenia in older people.

While wild rice requires a longer cooking time, it will not become sticky when cooked. It can be used interchangeably with other grains in your favorite dishes. It is also a great substitute for white rice. While wild rice does not have the same nutritional value as white rice, it is still a good choice for a low-calorie and nutritious food. These are some of the best alternatives to white rice for your meals.

Chinese rice porridge

The best way to serve this delicious dish is by adding your favorite toppings. In this recipe, you can add raw eggs or crumbled rice crackers. You can also serve it with vegetables and/or a side of fried egg. This recipe is versatile enough for your family to enjoy anytime of the day or night. It’s also good as leftovers, especially if you’re having guests over.

Asian rice porridges, also known as congee, are often eaten as breakfast or as a main course. They are a delicious way to satisfy your appetite, and the comforting taste is sure to ease the pain of stomachaches, colds, and hangovers. Although often served for breakfast, these dishes are also considered to be a nutritious meal that can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. Try these easy-to-make recipes for rice porridge.

If you’re not an expert in cooking, you can make congee on the stovetop. Start by adding water to the large pot and cracking the lid. Stir frequently to prevent the grains from sticking together. The porridge should be ready in 45 to an hour and a half. Once cooked, serve it with the accompanying toppings, such as fried shallots and chili oil. This simple recipe makes a huge pot of congee that is ideal for a large crowd.

When the time comes to cook Chinese rice porridge, try a basic version. It can be easily adapted, and it’s great for sick people. Start by soaking the rice. Then, strain it and keep it warm for about an hour. Add broth, rice, and some toppings. Stir well and enjoy! You’ll soon be able to enjoy this hearty dish. Soak the rice for at least 20 minutes. Next, pour the broth into a large pot. Cover and simmer for an hour.

Citrus rice salad

A zesty rice salad can be a refreshing treat. The tang of citrus is balanced by the fresh taste of fennel. You can make this recipe with any type of rice. Instead of red wine vinegar, substitute citrus juice: lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit, or a combination of citrus juices. To make this salad, blend the citrus juice with sugar and 2 tablespoons of zest. Then, add chopped mint or scallion, or sprinkle on some chopped nuts.

Prepare the rice by mixing it with 4 cups water and a pinch of salt. Then, bring to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes. Once it’s finished, transfer the rice to a large bowl. Add in figs, pecans, cashews, green onion tops, celery, or red onion, if you prefer. Then, add the rest of the ingredients, like the orange and mint, and then toss with the dressing. For best results, allow the rice salad to chill for at least an hour or overnight before serving.

Basmati rice

You might be familiar with this easy basmati rice recipe. It’s simple to prepare and delicious, too. First, wash and drain the rice to remove any excess starch. Add the water and worchestershire sauce to the bowl, then stir. Cook on lowest heat until the rice is cooked through, then stir and let rest for 5 minutes. Add salt to taste. Serve with simple dal, fish or meat curry.

In addition to adding the water, this recipe also calls for jalapeno and scallion greens, cooked for one minute and tossed with the rice. Next, add the snap peas, cooking until crisp and tender. Season with salt and pepper, and stir. This recipe doesn’t use enough water, calling for 6 cups. Instead, use the amount specified on the package. You may also wish to adjust the amount of water used.

High quality basmati rice is aged for two years, which concentrates its flavors and aromas. In addition to the two-year-old process, basmati rice is often soaked for several hours. The rice should be rinsed afterward, removing starches from the surface. Once soaked, basmati rice should be rinsed thoroughly, which will ensure that it retains its fluffy, light texture. This rice recipe is sure to impress any dinner party.

Once the rice is soaked, you can start preparing the dishes. First, prepare the dal and rice by preparing them. You can also add chopped vegetables, such as broccoli, to the pot. It is important to remember that basmati rice should be cooked for at least half an hour to make it tender and flavorful. To test if the rice is done, try licking your finger or listening to the sizzling sound. If the rice is done, you can garnish it as desired.