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Are you searching for delicious rice recipes? Look no further. Our collection features everything from fried rice and congee dishes, plus some delectable desserts!

Before the invention of the rice cooker, cooking rice could be a bit of an adventure – it required lots of trial and error! That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our top recipes for delicious, nutritious rice dishes!

Chicken fried rice

Fried rice is an incredibly fast and simple meal to make. You can customize it with almost any protein you have on hand, making it the perfect lunch or dinner in no time! For the best fried rice, it’s essential that all your ingredients be prepped prior to beginning to cook; this includes seasoning the chicken, scrambling the egg, chopping veggies. Finally, heat up your pan or wok so the bottom gets a nice sear before adding in other components.

Cooking fried rice can be done several ways, and it’s important to experiment until you find one that works for your tastes. Some reddit users suggest using day-old rice in order to prevent sticky grains. Others advise heating up a large pan or wok over high heat so the rice cooks quickly. Some people suggest adding soy sauce and white pepper at the end for additional flavor.

Corned beef & potato rice

Corned beef & potato rice is an easy, delicious dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner – and it’s the perfect way to use up leftover corned beef!

This Puerto Rican corned beef hash is quick and simple to make with just canned corned beef, sofrito, and potatoes. Serve it over white rice with sunny-side up eggs for a delectable dish!

To get the party started, you’ll need olive oil, sofrito (or other dried seasoning), garlic, salt and pepper as well as tomato sauce and a can of corned beef. Next you will add diced potatoes and corn.

Once everything is combined, stir until your corned beef looks like picadillo. Keep this warm in a pan for some time but don’t worry if some of the meat sticks to the bottom; soon enough it will begin to brown and crisp up.

For added flavor and heat, you can also stir in some hot sauce. This is optional but sure to give your dish an exciting kick!

Instead of using canned corned beef, consider investing in fresh ground beef. While more expensive, it will be tender and flavorful. If you can’t locate fresh ground beef, SPAM (a popular can of potted meat in Puerto Rico) could be used instead.

Another option is to add some lemon juice. This will reduce the saltiness of the meat, give it a refreshing flavor, and enhance its savory qualities. You could also sprinkle in some cayenne pepper for extra spice in your dish.

You can make this dish with a variety of vegetables. If you’re feeling adventurous, add some fried onions for extra flavor! Additionally, adding these items will increase the filling factor and can even top off with an egg for extra special flair!