Rice Recipes With a Pinch of Nom

Rice Recipes With a Pinch of Nom

Rice is an adaptable ingredient that can be used in many different ways, making it an energy-rich food with low levels of fat and plenty of nutritional benefits.

When cooking rice, it is vitally important that it is done right – using an appropriate ratio of water and grain according to your recipe.

Slow Cooker Cuban Beef with Rice

Slow cookers make creating family dinners simple: simply load up your ingredients, set it, and come back home to find delicious results that you can serve over rice or tortillas.

No matter your taste preference or culinary background, this slow cooker Cuban beef with rice recipe will surely delight. Packed full of flavorful spices for maximum enjoyment while the tender beef melts away in your mouth!

Start by seasoning the meat with salt and pepper before beginning. Next, spray a frying pan with low-calorie cooking spray before adding the beef. Saute until both sides of the beef have become golden-brown in approximately 2 minutes before moving it to your slow cooker sleeve along with onions, jalapenos, 1 tablespoon chile powder, cinnamon, red pepper flakes and garlic (reserving some strained tomatoes for later).

For an alternative and vegan-friendly version of this dish, opt for soy sauce in place of regular tomato paste for greater color and taste. Doing this will add depth and dimension to your sauce while giving an additional hint of extra depth and depth to it.

Once your dish is complete, try serving it alongside white rice to complete an enjoyable and filling meal. For added protein-packed bites, consider including tostones or black beans into the mix!

For faster cooking in less time, simply dump all your ingredients directly into your slow cooker without browning first. This way all the flavors will intermingle quickly for a tender, tasty meal that won’t require your constant attention!

Layer it up with creamy avocado cream for an effortless topping that adds texture and rich, tangy flavors. Or if you want something with more veggies included, add in shredded cabbage.

This simple slow cooker recipe makes an amazing way to save both money and time! Simply prepare ahead and store in the fridge until needed; perfect for quick meals on-the-go! Plus it helps save on cooking costs too.

Creamy Vegetable Rice Bowls

Rice bowls make an ideal meal for any event or special occasion, from casual lunches and dinners, to meal prep dishes for future meals. Making one is quick and simple; add any vegetables you desire for maximum nutrition! You could also freeze individual rice bowls to save space when meal prepping!

Creamy vegetable rice recipes are among the most delicious ways to incorporate all of your daily nutrition in one delicious dish. Not only are these creamy vegetable recipes filled with delicious flavors and nutrients, they’re also a delicious way to bring an appetizer or side dish together for a complete meal!

If you’re searching for an easy new way to enjoy vegetables, look no further than this garlic butter asparagus rice recipe! Your guests will appreciate its tender and flavorful vegetables and the garlic-butter sauce will keep them coming back for more.

This vegan rice bowl makes for an easy and refreshing lunch or dinner, packed with roasted vegetables, chickpeas and rice drizzled with sweet tahini dressing. Customize it as desired – we like using radishes carrots and eggs as toppings!

These Mexican Veggie Rice Bowls are an easy and healthy vegan meal perfect for meal prep or light lunch! Packed full of seasoned rice, roasted corn, black beans and salsa fresca for maximum flavour – and perfect for those following gluten-free or vegan lifestyles!

Thai Peanut Veggie Rice Bowl is another delicious option to consider, offering an interesting variation of traditional bok choy. Feel free to customize it according to your desired mix of veggies! For added flair, add grilled chicken or beef for even more protein and protein-packed goodness.

There are plenty of creamy vegetable rice bowls to choose from, but these vegan ones stand out. Easy to make and you can use various veggies – we suggest spinach, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts! Not only is this recipe super healthy – packed full of fibre, protein and vitamins too.

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Rice

Creamy garlic parmesan rice is one of the easiest side dishes to prepare and will become one of the star attractions at your next dinner party. A foolproof method for creating it combines long grain rice, garlic, butter, milk and chicken broth in an irresistibly creamy risotto that will impress all who taste it!

This recipe is simple to prepare ahead of time and serve either warm or at room temperature; perfect for an easy weeknight meal or as an impressive appetizer to share with friends and neighbors!

Start by heating a small sauce pan over medium heat, adding oil and rice, stirring frequently until your rice reaches golden-brown hue.

Now is the time to introduce the trio: broth, butter and Parmesan cheese. Stir them all together for best results before covering and simmering on low for 18 minutes – garnishing it all off with fresh parsley leaves as desired before enjoying!

This instant pot recipe is one to try; it comes together quickly in just under 30 minutes with no hassle at all. It makes an ideal alternative to conventional oven baking and the result will delight all members of your family, plus leftovers can easily be reheated as leftovers or made in bulk and stored away in your refrigerator until needed again!

Mexican Rice

Mexican rice is a traditional side dish that complements many different cuisines perfectly, making it the ideal accompaniment for taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo celebrations or anytime you feel like indulging in delicious Mexican cuisine!

Restaurant-style rice can be quickly and easily made using just a few basic ingredients. The key is toasting it regularly while stirring to prevent sticking at the bottom of your pan and create that golden hue we love so much.

Once the rice has been toasted, you must cook it until it becomes tender and has absorbed all of its liquid. To do this, warm water and tomato sauce must be added, with additional flavors such as chili powder, garlic and chicken bouillon being used as spices for flavoring this recipe.

For optimal results, use a high-quality nonstick saute pan with higher sides for the ideal results. This will prevent your rice from adhering to the pan and forming a crust which could impede proper cooking process.

Now, season the rice with salt and cumin to enhance its flavor. Additionally, add a chicken bouillon cube for additional depth of flavor.

Add fire roasted diced tomatoes and low-sodium chicken broth, then simmer it all together for 40 minutes or until all the liquid has been absorbed and the rice is tender.

Once the rice has cooked, be sure to give it another stir before taking it off the heat and covering it for at least ten minutes before placing in your serving dishes.

Serve this dish immediately, or reheat it in either the microwave or on the stove. For microwave reheating, be sure to add at least 1-2 tablespoons of liquid such as vegetable or chicken broth or water so as to maintain moisture within the rice grains.

Stir in fresh cilantro and lime juice before serving! This dish is sure to impress at any party or dinner event!