Rice Side Dish Recipes

rice recipes rice side dish recipes

Rice adds flavor and versatility to any meal, from simple to complex dishes. Check out these go-to recipes to perfect your technique and get the most from this versatile whole grain food source.

Tomato bouillon, garlic and pepper flakes add zesty flavors to this aromatic rice side dish. Enjoy it alone or make it more satisfying by including shredded chicken, pork or turkey in your meal plan.


Risotto is a hearty and creamy rice dish perfect for entrees or side dishes, vegetarians or those looking for an elegant side. Risotto typically uses white wine to impart flavor while providing acidity; adding saffron as an optional extra can make it extra special and elegant.

At the core of every risotto recipe lies its signature creaminess: arborio rice is usually recommended, though sushi or short-grain sticky varieties also work just as well. Once prepared, simmer the cooked grains in broth heated just below boiling point so as to release starches and create creamy textures.

Before adding liquid, start by slowly pouring a cup of broth at a time into your saucepan, while stirring frequently. This allows your grains to absorb it slowly for optimal results and also makes sure the right consistency is reached. It may help to toast your grains first before pouring the broth over them – this brings out their flavor while speeding up cooking times!

Once the rice is finished cooking and most of its liquid has been absorbed, you can add any desired additional ingredients. Some people enjoy adding vegetables such as peas or squash; others might prefer adding protein from chicken or seafood instead.

Garnish the risotto with some parmesan cheese and chopped parsley as the finishing touches, adding in additional bits of butter or heavy cream for additional taste and texture.

Risotto makes an exquisite side dish to complement almost any meal, particularly fish and meat dishes, soups and stews. Best of all, risotto is gluten-free since its main component – rice – doesn’t contain gluten; if using store-bought broth that contains flour it must be prepared carefully in order to ensure gluten is avoided during preparation.

Fried Rice

Rice is loved around the globe for many reasons: it’s cheap, nutritious and simple to prepare in numerous ways. These rice side dish recipes from savory to sweet showcase its versatility as a versatile grain. Perfect as part of any chicken curry meal with brown rice pilaf or hearty stew with black rice accompaniment, these sides will elevate any meal!

Fried rice is a classic takeout dish that’s also easy to recreate at home with minimal effort. Typically made using leftover cooked rice combined with vegetables or protein (such as chicken, beef or pork). This recipe calls for Jasmine rice; any long-grain white variety such as brown will do, such as Jasmine. Refrigerating leftover cooked grains before stir frying helps prevent it from clumping together or becoming soggy or soggy when stir fried.

Start this fried rice off by heating a wok or skillet on medium-low, adding about one tablespoon of oil, swirling to cover the bottom. Cook onions and garlic until softened before stirring in frozen or fresh peas and carrots that have partially thawed, followed by rice stir-frying until warm throughout and lightly browned – more oil may be necessary if ingredients stick. Finally, season to taste with soy sauce or your other favorite seasoning and pepper, before stir frying again to combine flavors evenly!

Add nutrition and texture with a beaten egg as a garnish on your finished fried rice dish for extra nutrition, texture and flavor! Fried-rice purists often opt for without seasonings such as garlic powder, paprika or other herb seasonings for maximum flavor – although other cooks swear by adding garlic powder, paprika or any of their own secret combinations for an extra punch of flavor! Enjoy this vegetarian side dish or main meal!


Pilau is a long-grained rice dish cooked in flavorful stock and often found alongside curries in restaurants or takeaway establishments. Making pilau at home is simple and can quickly elevate even the simplest curry, providing an easy meal solution! Simply add in extra vegetables and spices for an enticing addition!

This vegan pilau rice dish is ideal for those who don’t eat meat. Made with chickpeas for added protein and fibre intake, you can mix-and-match your own combination of carrots, peas and beans to suit your palate – or add in some tasty toppings like nuts or seeds to add an extra punch of flavour!

Vegetable pilau rice is an easy and delectable way to increase vegetable intake in your day, without overdoing it with raw veggies. Cooked alongside the rice in an aromatic spice-infused broth, it allows each vegetable to soak up every delicious note instead of remaining passively on top like they can with other dishes.

An exciting vegetarian stock, such as vegetable, chicken or lamb broths can add extra depth of flavor and are suitable for vegans. Saffron may be difficult to come by but turmeric works just as effectively and just a teaspoon will give the rice its beautiful yellow hue.

When cooking rice, be sure to use a ratio of two cups of dry grains per three and one-half levels of liquid stock or water. This will ensure fluffy and not sticky grains while helping prevent overcooking. When using shop-bought varieties of the grain there should typically be no need to rinse beforehand, though you could always do this if necessary.

Once your rice is done, fluff it up with a fork and serve immediately with any of your favorite curries – tofu jalfrezi, rajma masala or chana masala are particularly recommended; but any will do!


If you have some extra time in the kitchen, elevating rice side dishes is easy by stuffing them with various fillings and cooking until crispy. Add flavors with herbs such as cilantro or mint leaves; adding citrus zest can give it that extra kick!

DIY Rice Stuffing: an Amazing Family Favorite You can make homemade rice stuffing to please every member of the family from picky eaters to health-minded children and adults. This Cranberry-Pineapple version makes an impressive presentation while being quick enough for weeknight cooking!

Turn a simple plate of rice into an entree by adding meat, chicken or seafood – such as this mouthwatering Shrimp and Grits recipe – without having to prepare an elaborate seafood meal from scratch! This easy meal provides all the flavors of tasty seafood in just minutes!

This one-pot rice pilaf recipe is the perfect side dish for anyone who enjoys spicy Indian cuisine, though it can also pair perfectly with any entree. Made with garlic, onion and fresh basil for maximum flavor! Plus a combination of spices that will delight your senses!

Pilaf is an easy and delicious dish that makes an impactful statement at any potluck or family reunion. With simple steps and delicious results, this classic recipe utilizes both white and brown rice along with flavor-enhancing ingredients to ensure maximum flavor! For even greater authenticity, add any type of seafood such as shrimp.

Risotto is an excellent way to use up leftover cooked rice, and this variation on the classic recipe makes it easier than ever to whip together delicious results! Best of all, any kind of grain you have on hand can still turn out a delectable dish of risotto!

This rice side dish captures the vibrant Mediterranean flavors with zesty lemon, garlic, onions and herbs for a zesty Mediterranean flair. A light option that pairs beautifully with any lunch or dinner course – be it salmon for an informal fish night or quiche for brunch – this delicious Mediterranean side will definitely brighten up any meal or brunch event!