Top 5 Rice Recipes For the Rice Cooker

rice recipes for rice cooker

Rice cookers are an easy and efficient way to prepare quick and simple meals – simply measure and combine ingredients and let the machine do its magic!

Prior to adding ingredients to your rice, be sure that it has been rinsed. Rinsing will remove excess starch that could otherwise create sticky results when left on its own.


Oregano is an herb widely recognized for adding flavor and aroma to savory dishes, such as pasta, pizza and other fast foods. Oregano rice recipes are easy to prepare and can complement many other meals well; their flavors may change depending on what herbs, broth or ingredients are added for maximum enjoyment!

Herbs, spices and other ingredients can enhance the flavor and texture of your rice dish, giving it more dimension and making your palate happy! Experiment with different tastes until you find one you enjoy most; herbs can bring fragrant or pungent aromas while broths provide richer textures.

For an unobtrusively-flavored rice dish, try cooking it with basil or thyme. Simply mix some stems or leaves into your water/rice before starting, so the aroma and flavor gradually permeates throughout your dish. Alternatively, parsley or dill might work too!

Add depth of flavor to your rice by using broth such as chicken or beef stock – its complex aroma pairs perfectly with soups and stews!


Tarragon is an herb widely used across a range of cuisines. It pairs well with eggs, fish and poultry while being one of the four fines herbes used as an ingredient in many French dishes like mayonnaise and Bearnaise sauce. Tarragon vinegar can also be made into salad dressings. Tarragon often goes well when combined with garlic, lemon or onion to form delicious meals!

Tarragon comes in two varieties; one has small dark green leaves while the other boasts long pale green ones with milder flavors similar to anise; this latter variety is often known by its Russian moniker and can easily grow in gardens as a hardy perennial herb.

If a recipe calls for tarragon and you don’t have any available, other herbs such as chervil, fennel and dill could serve as replacements; these options won’t provide the same licorice flavor that tarragon does; you could also try using some fresh tarragon sprigs with your dish instead.

To create herbed tarragon rice, combine rice, lemon zest and juice, chicken broth, salt and pepper in a pressure cooker and set it to Saute mode for 6 minutes before using quick release method to release pressure when done cooking.


Thyme is an herb with a light, fresh taste. It pairs beautifully with rice dishes for an aromatic herbaceous flair and other herbs and spices to add even more depth of flavor; in particular it blends particularly well with rosemary, sage, oregano and oregano. Thyme also forms part of the classic French herbes de Provence blend, comprised of dried basil leaves, marjoram flowers, parsley stems, thyme leaves and tarragon for optimal use in culinary settings.

If you’re in search of an effortless rice dish that will delight even your pickiest eaters, look no further! This mushroom and thyme rice comes together easily in just 30 minutes and is sure to please even your most discriminating tastebuds!

To create this flavorful rice dish, all that’s necessary to get going is adding your grain, chicken broth, olive oil and thyme into a pot and allowing it to simmer until tender (about 20 minutes). After cooking is complete, allow the finished product to rest for 10 minutes afterward before refrigerating or serving; once rested it will become fluffier and even tastier! It makes an ideal side dish when served alongside meats, vegetables or just on its own!


Sage is an ideal herb to add depth of flavor and contrast with fluffy texture of rice dishes. Experiment with other herbs and spices for your own custom rice recipes for an enjoyable dining experience!

This recipe is ideal for those seeking a deliciously fragrant, fluffy rice side dish to accompany any meal. Simply mix salt and broth into the type of grain of choice, and within minutes you’ll have an irresistibly delicious side dish on your table!

Make this delicious brown rice and sage dish for an energizing meal with your heavy saucepan equipped with a lid, heating butter until foaming before adding the leaves of sage and stirring in water until combined. Bring to a boil then cover and simmer until all the grains have become tender.

Sage’s BRC600UK “Risotto Plus” multi cooker is an ideal choice for anyone seeking an efficient, user-friendly multi cooker. In addition to rice and risotto making capabilities, this model can also steam vegetables and meats perfectly while boasting settings for slow slow cooking and sear modes.


If you want a delicious rice recipe, broth is an ideal way to enhance its flavors while decreasing sodium intake. Use chicken, vegetable or beef broth for maximum flavor enhancement or try prepackaged bouillon bases for quick solutions.

Make some simple broth-based dishes such as jambalaya or paella using rice as part of their ingredients, adding vegetables, meat, herbs and spices for an extra delicious flair. Cook your rice on the stove before transferring it to your rice cooker for easy and convenient final step!

Before adding ingredients to your rice cooker, first rinse your grains. This will remove excess starch and prevent it from turning sticky once cooked.

First, follow the directions for your specific rice cooker to ensure that it’s fully cooked and fluffy. When your finished, allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes so the grains can separate and absorb any extra flavor before enjoying this delectable bone broth rice dish! It will provide extra protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients into any meal you prepare! Enjoy! This bone broth rice makes a delicious addition to any meal and offers added protein, calcium, and other vital vitamins and nutrients!

Lemon or lime juice

Lemons and limes are citrus fruits that add zesty citrus flavors to foods, as well as providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that may aid in heart disease management. Lemons can also help tenderize meat more efficiently than any other source, with lemon juice typically being more acidic than lime juice.

Make this delicious Cilantro Lime Rice easily by starting with long-grain white rice such as Basmati or Canilla; brown or sushi varieties also work in this recipe. Rinse your grains under cold water before placing them in your rice cooker and use a fine mesh strainer to remove any extra starch that accumulates on its surface.

Make the rice cooker’s manual your guide, then follow its directions for cooking your grains with water or chicken/vegetable broth instead of plain water for additional flavoring options.

Once your rice has been completed, add a generous drizzle of fresh lemon juice and sprinkle of chopped cilantro, mixing well. You may choose to garnish your dish with some toasted peanuts for extra crunch!


If you love the flavor of fried rice without all of its additional calories, try this tomato-flavored recipe. The rice is coated in sesame oil, and there’s lots of garlic, onions and spices added into this tasty meal prep option. It makes an ideal main course or side dish!

This Spanish-inspired dish offers another take on fried rice. Flavored with onion and garlic as well as chili powder and cumin, it makes an easy side dish that pairs nicely with burritos or tacos.

Add some saffron for an exquisite added dimension in your next batch of rice! Not only is the color stunning and aroma intoxicating; its price can also make saffron an investment that won’t break the bank! Ultimately though, its worth it!

This delicious South Indian classic requires only leftover rice and can be ready in minutes! Rinsing is optional but highly recommended as starch helps prevent too much liquid soaking through. Also don’t overdo your tomato cooking as that could cause it to scorch easily; add one teaspoon kosher salt when boiling to bring to a boil before cooking until craters form on its surface – about five minutes total time should do it!