Kiri Pidu Rice Recipe

kiri pidu rice recipe

A traditional kiri pidu rice recipe is a combination of rice and coconut milk, and is a favorite of many Hindus. The ingredients include Mung beans, Coconut milk, and yeast rice. Read on to discover the ingredients in this dish. Once you have the ingredients, you can begin the process of cooking the rice. It will take about 15 minutes to cook, depending on the amount of milk. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you can try making your own rice at home.

Yeast rice

The traditional Sri Lankan dish of Kiri pidu is a starchy, sticky rice prepared with the help of yeast. Although it is typically made with Sri Lankan rice, red yeast rice can also be used. In the past, the rice was cooked in earthen pots and over firewood. This dish is also known as milk rice or Kiri bath, and it is a popular stopover for Buddhist pilgrims traveling to India. It is also eaten in India for breakfast.

Coconut milk

Traditionally, kiri bath or milk rice was served to the Lord Buddha as a gift after he achieved enlightenment. It is believed that a village damsel, Sujatha, presented the rice to the Buddha after he attained enlightenment. Even today, Sri Lankan Buddhist pilgrims from India often stop at Kiri pidu when traveling to India.